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Lake Placid chiropractors, Drs. Joseph & Rhiannon Clauss, D.C. are committed to bettering the health of the Tri-Lakes Community  and surrounding areas through specific, scientific chiropractic care.  We believe in a health-care community based on true health and healing, as our bodies were intended to do.  We use state-of-the-art technology in our office to assess your spinal and nervous system integrity and create a completely individualized and comprehensive care-plan for you and your family to achieve your health and wellness goals.

With principled chiropractic care, we remove interference to the nervous system in a gentle, specific, scientific way to allow for healthy cell metabolism, proper organ function, and restored physical and mental well-being.

Dr. Joseph & Dr. Rhiannon understand that so many people have either no understanding or a mis-understanding of what chiropractic care truly is and we seek to educate while evaluating to ensure that everyone who walks into our office is their own healthcare advocate and feels completely comfortable, empowered, and in control of their path to true health.

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